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Web-based analyzes


A coordinated and strategically planned approach is essential for the establishment, further development and long-term positioning of a company on the market. This is important both for manufacturers of medical products and for hospitals in Germany. For the analysis of the hospital market, extensive amounts of data are therefore available from various institutes in order to obtain as complete a picture as possible of opportunities and risks.

However, the analysis of performance data, patient and structural characteristics as well as economic key figures is not only important for companies. It is also indispensable for research and education to base their studies on valid and meaningful data.

The online platform reimbursement.INFO as an appendix of the Reimbursement Institute, an institution of RI Innovation GmbH, has compiled and qualitatively processed all relevant data. This makes it possible to record the complexity of the individual components of the aG-DRG system in an efficient, structured and, above all, valid manner and to use it individually. In order to provide access to all stakeholders of the system, the registration and the use of the basic version is free of charge for all users!

Consultation and training


The Reimbursement Institute is a registered trademark of RI Innovation GmbH, located in Huerth near Cologne. The company is independent and does not receive any subsidies or investment grants from external companies or institutions. With commitment and motivation, the team follows the guiding principle “Ensuring that innovation reaches the patient”.

Over the years, our team of experts has specialized in the inpatient sector, specifically in the aG-DRG system with all its facets. Based on our enormous experience, we are able to advise and train our interested parties and customers on their individual needs. In addition, we are happy to share our knowledge in the form of our books (“The aG-DRG system – complex, logical… and fair?” as well as “The aG-DRG compendium – complex, understandable… und transparent!“), press articles, blog posts or publications.

With its team of experts and the online platform, the Reimbursement Institute is thus an excellent strategic partner for all areas of the inpatient, German hospital sector as well as for the interfaces to the outpatient sector.

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