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Individual analysis of § 21 data sets

Consideration of hospital-specific, anonymized case data

AOP analysis

Outpatientization - evaluation of opportunities and risks

The AOP analysis is based on the recorded, hospital-specific and anonymized § 21 data set. The data contains, among other things, the hospital‘s performance data in relation to the treatment measures performed (OPS). These are checked in a three-stage analysis for the possibilities of outpatient treatment.

Hybrid-DRG analysis

Revenue change of your case data from aG-DRG to Hybrid-DRG

The Hybrid-DRG analysis looks at the cases that contain an OPS service that can be performed as a hybrid. Within milliseconds, you can see the revenue comparison of Hybrid-DRG, outpatient surgery and DRG at a glance. It is possible to limit the cases to context factors or accompanying services.

Case explorer

Detailed consideration of individual case data

The dynamic case explorer enables a targeted search of cases based on various parameters and a detailed insight into the respective case data. The visual marking of important economic aspects as well as the link to classifications and catalogs provides a comprehensive view of the patient case.

Service Groups

Review of the structural reform in accordance with the NRW hospital plan

Based on the service group system of the NRW Hospital Plan 2022, a review of all quality criteria for meeting the minimum requirements for the provision of a service group is carried out in the service group analysis. The results are output at the hospital level per service group and provided with various statuses and color markings. This enables an evaluation of the fulfilled or (not yet) fulfilled conditions within seconds.