NUB Exchange


Ensuring that innovation reaches the patient


Hospitals (providers) use the NUB Exchange free of charge after verification.

The following actions can be taken:

  • Posting and retrieving NUB request templates
  • Marking NUB request templates
  • View NUB history


Manufacturers can use the NUB Exchange to distribute their NUB templates for a fee.

The following actions can be taken:

  • Posting NUB request templates
  • Create info sheet
  • View retrieval analyzes

Templates for New Examination and Treatment Methods (NUB)

Functions of the NUB Exchange

The NUB Exchange serves the efficient dissemination of NUB templates on New Examination and Treatment Methods (NUB). It is the exchange platform for relevant NUB requests published in the NUB Exchange by hospitals, professional societies or directly by the manufacturers of the associated medical products. It is available to all service providers free of charge.


NUB templates

  • NUB templates for the application areas aG-DRG and PEPP
  • Fast upload to the InEK data portal
  • Targeted search for templates

Retrieval analysis

  • Insight into provider interaction with NUB template

NUB history

  • History of all NUBs ever requested
  • History graph of the number of requesting hospitals
  • Yearly details regarding status, footnotes, high-risk classes

Linking with DRG catalogs

  • Relevant diagnoses (ICD-10) or existing codes (OPS)

General platform functions

  • Historical display of data since 2006 (trend graphs)
  • Numerous filter parameters tailored to specific areas
  • Display of results in various graphs
  • Link to all platform areas
  • incl. export function in all areas
  • Available in German and English
  • Integrated video learning platform for all areas
  • Support from experts at the Reimbursement Institute