Service Groups


Preparation for the conversion of your supply contract

Check for fulfillment of NRW criteria, case assignment and editing of conditions

Service Group analysis

Sorting your cases into the NRW Service Groups

Output based on your §21 data


  • Number of cases and occupancy days
  • Revenue and casemix volume
  • Link with Service Group Editor

Service Group Geoanalysis

View of compliance levels on the map of Germany for all hospitals

View only in the premium version!


  • Filtering by group and status
  • Free area selection and radius search
  • Display of clinics with size information

NRW Criteria (nationwide)

Check structural characteristics against the NRW criteria

Examination (according to NRW criteria) of your


  • material and personnel resources,
  • other structural and process criteria and
  • fulfillment of the related service groups

Service Group Editor

Live simulation of the impact of adjusting the criteria for all hospitals

Adjustment of the criteria according to the NWR model


  • View of the automated query results
  • Editing the results ⇒ Impact analysis
  • Live simulation on Service Group Matrix