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Performance data

Performance data of German hospitals and departments provide comprehensive insights into the performance of the hospital landscape. Based on diagnoses (ICD-10) and treatment measures (OPS), numerous analyzes such as market and competition analyzes, benchmarks as well as trend and potential analyzes can be carried out.

Patient characteristics

On the basis of patient characteristics, the patient clientele can be analyzed according to gender, age and length of stay in hospital. The frequency of main and secondary diagnoses as well as the number of coded treatment measures complete the picture of inpatient performance data.

Structural characteristics

The structural characteristics of German hospitals and departments provide information about the nature of the hospital landscape. Contact data at management level, relevant key figures on beds, staff and total case numbers as well as a list of equipment provide an overview of the constellation of service providers.

Economic key figures

Economic key figures based on fee per case (DRG) provide the most important information with regard to case numbers, case mix index (CMI) and effective length of stay. By referring to the patients’ place of residence, catchment areas and regional patient distribution can be determined.



The official classifications (ICD-10 and OPS) and catalogs (DRG, ZE and AOP) of the aG-DRG system and the outpatient reimbursement system (EBM) form the basis for all analyzes and functions of the reimbursement.INFO online platform.

Marketing tools

Marketing tools are used for targeted communication of essential product and coding information. The link from the drug/medical product to the procedure coding (OPS) or digital coding aid enables rapid dissemination to the relevant addressees in the hospitals.

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