Coding aids


Products and brochures for hospitals


The online platform reimbursement.INFO provides you with free coding aids in the form of brochures as well as on the basis of medical products.

The coding aids can be filtered according to various parameters. Among other things, they contain the digitally linked

  • associated DRG, ZE and NUB
  • coding frequency and hospitals
  • textual and structural transfers.


Correct coding secures revenues and enables valid data collection, which is needed for the further development of the aG-DRG system and enables data analyzes.

In addition to the classic brochure, medical products can also be created free of charge with

  • associated ICD-10, OPS (ZE), NUB
  • PDF documents of your choice
  • further product information.

Coding information for drugs and medical devices

Functions of the coding aids

The “Coding aids” area supports and ensures the valid coding of drugs and medical devices when used in hospitals. The creation of a product in connection with the associated coding is free of charge and thus generates a valid data mass for cost calculation and further development of the aG-DRG system.



  • Linking products to diagnosis (ICD-10) and procedure (OPS)
  • Overall market view on a code basis
  • Information on reimbursement, transfers and product details

Retrieval analysis

  • Insight into the interaction of users of the platform with coding aids
  • Contact information at organization level


  • Digital version of the coding aids
  • Link to drugs and medical devices
  • View brochure details

Interactive links

General platform functions

  • Historical display of data since 2006 (trend graphs)
  • Numerous filter parameters tailored to specific areas
  • Display of results in various graphs
  • Link to all platform areas
  • incl. export function in all areas
  • Available in German and English
  • Integrated video learning platform for all areas
  • Support from experts at the Reimbursement Institute