AOP Context Grouper


Check the case before you admit it as an inpatient!

Check for context factors PLUS output of billable GOPs or MBEGs

Functions of the AOP Context Grouper

Many hospitals are confronted with the question of whether a patient case can be admitted as an inpatient or treated as an outpatient. The AOP context grouper answers this question in a matter of seconds!

An easy-to-use input mask first asks for the planned main procedure and checks in the first step whether the planned or acute service is related to the AOP catalog according to § 115B SGB V. In a further step, an extended input screen opens if the service is related to the AOP catalog. Other relevant factors such as accompanying procedures, procedures planned on both sides, patient age etc. can be entered. The AOP context grouper responds with three possible scenarios. This gives all users the greatest possible certainty when assigning the case to the inpatient or outpatient area.

PLUS: If the case has no context factors and therefore no need for inpatient admission, you will receive all billable GOP codes for your full billing!

PLUS: If the case has no context factors, but the entries identify a need for inpatient admission, you will receive the corresponding MBEGs for your billing!

After free registration, the AOP Context Grouper can be used by all verified service providers. NOTE: The output of GOPs (EBM catalog) and MBEGs are free of charge for a limited time!

The new AOP Context Grouper at reimbursement.INFO - inpatient or outpatient?

Scenario 1

The case has no context factors

➔ You receive all billable EBM digits!


Scenario 3

The case has soft context factors

➔ You receive the MBEGs for your billing!


Scenario 2

The case has hard context factors

➔ We show you what these are!


Scenario 4

The main service has no reference to the AOP catalog

➔ Note that the case can be admitted as an inpatient!

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