Geo analysis


Visual representation on the map of Germany

Functions of the Geo analysis

The Geo analysis visualizes the documented number of indications treated and diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical measures performed per federal state, district, city or freely selected areas (e.g. sales areas) on the map of Germany. Surrounding area analyses with a freely selectable radius are also available. In addition to the performance data, structural features such as the number of beds, owners, operators or the number of specialist departments can also be selected for display. Economic key figures such as DRGs, case mix index or length of stay can be called up for each district based on the patient’s place of residence. The service groups, which will replace the specialist department structure in the future, can also be displayed with the addition of fulfillment of the NRW minimum criteria (see screenshot).

View of the degree of fulfillment of the NRW minimum criteria for all hospitals in Germany

Performance data

  • Frequency of diagnoses (ICD-10) and treatment measures (OPS)
  • Procedures performed on an outpatient basis (AOP)
  • Outpatient potential (AOP and hybrid)

Based on Market analysis


Economic key figures

  • Billed fees per case (DRG)
  • Place of residence of the patients
  • Case numbers down to county level

Based on G-DRG analysis


Structural characteristics

  • Hospitals and departments incl. provider types
  • Number of beds, Personnel resources and education
  • Apparatus equipment

Based on Clinic Guide


Service groups

  • Status fulfilled or not fulfilled
  • Restriction to areas
  • Display of clinic size (beds)

Based on Service Groups analysis

General platform functions

  • Historical display of data since 2006 (trend graphs)
  • Numerous filter parameters tailored to specific areas
  • Display of results in various graphs
  • Link to all platform areas
  • incl. export function in all areas
  • Available in German and English
  • Integrated video learning platform for all areas
  • Support from experts at the Reimbursement Institute