Service Group Editor


Customize your level of fulfillment of the NRW criteria!

View criteria, adjust status and see effects

Functions of the Service Group Editor

The Service Group Editor is the first online tool available in Germany that shows you the status of fulfillment of the NRW criteria and makes them editable. The LG Editor shows the fulfillment status of the minimum criteria based on the NRW model for every hospital in Germany that you can freely select. Each individual required condition is checked on the basis of the quality reports and displayed as “fulfilled, “not fulfilled” or “cooperation not verifiable”. An overview matrix shows the current status of the individual Service Groups for each hospital, highlighted in color. Adjusting one or more of the required conditions immediately shows the changes that result in the Service Groups. The conditions are clearly sorted by:

  • Provision of related Service Groups
  • Material equipment
  • Staffing
  • Other structural and process criteria

All entries can be saved and used in the geoanalysis and in the case data analysis.

Leistungsgruppen Editor - Prüfen Sie, ob Ihr Krankenhaus die geforderten Mindestkriterien gemäß des NRW Modells erfüllt und bearbeiten Sie diese - Kostenfrei für Krankenhäuser

Your Benefit:

  • Clearly structured presentation of the required criteria according to the NRW model for each Service Group -> No need to search for the required conditions yourself!
  • Prepared query of the degree of fulfillment for each condition based on your quality report -> Basic assignments are already done!
  • Individual adjustment of every single condition including storage function -> You can build on the work you have already done at any time!
  • Visual and tabular impact analysis of your adjustments -> See directly what effect the change of conditions has on the status of the Service Groups.


These tool is usable free of charge for hospitals!



  • What are the minimum criteria?
  • Are they fulfilled or not fulfilled?

Transfer of the results

  • in the case data analysis
  • in the geoanalysis

Adjust status

  • Editing the conditions
  • Simulate and save

Output of the results

  • Visual -> Service Group Matrix
  • Tabular -> Customization & Impact

General platform functions

  • Historical display of data since 2010 (trend graphs)
  • Numerous filter parameters tailored to specific areas
  • Display of results in various graphs
  • Link to all platform areas
  • incl. export function in all areas
  • Available in German and English
  • Integrated video learning platform for all areas
  • Support from experts at the Reimbursement Institute


The information presented here is based on information from the official regulations of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and the German Hospital Federation (DKG).​

Specifically, these sources were used:

  • BfArM – Official Classification of Diagnoses (ICD-10)
  • BfArM – Official Classification for Operations and Procedures (OPS)
  • DKG – Context factors