Patient analysis


Who is the affected patient clientele?

Real data of patients since 2006

Functions of the patient analysis

The patient analysis is based on the collected performance data including patient characteristics of German hospitals. These data are collected for the main and secondary diagnoses (ICD-10), as well as for the treatment measures performed (OPS).


Patient characteristics

  • Gender distribution (ICD-10 / OPS)
  • Age group distribution (ICD-10 / OPS)

Length of stay

  • Indication of the average length of stay (ICD-10)

Full inpatient performance data

  • Frequency of main and secondary diagnoses (ICD-10)
  • Number of coded operations and procedures (OPS)

Single and multiple coding

  • Comparison between single and multiple coding per case

General platform functions

  • Historical display of data since 2006 (trend graphs)
  • Numerous filter parameters tailored to specific areas
  • Display of results in various graphs
  • Link to all platform areas
  • Export function of result lists
  • Analyzes of millions of data records in seconds
  • Video tutorials
  • Support by experts from the Reimbursement Institute