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You advise and we provide you with the tools

We standardize hospital consulting

The online platform reimbursement.INFO has a consultant concept that offers you the convenient option of implementing, sharing and saving the most precise project work based on your client’s ยง21 data and paired with the publicly available routine data. You can do this as part of a project team or in collaboration with your client.

Examples of project assignments:

How does this work? Simply ask your hospital to invite you!


Advantages for the advisory body

  • Standardized work thanks to storable analyses and filter settings
  • You can work in a team and always work close to or together with your customer.
  • Benefit from and use the most precise analysis tools with expert support.
  • We take care of data protection and order data processing for you!

Advantages for the commissioning body

  • Use a convenient and fast data upload including data security and DPA
  • Use the invite function for your trusted advisor by entering your e-mail address.
  • Decide for yourself which data you want to provide for the order and for how long.
  • Stay in the picture about the projects. If you wish, you can work closely with your consultant.

We have the right offer for every size of hospital consulting agency.

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